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Resurrection Lutheran Church
Praise the Lord for! We can now manage our own website and make updates quickly and easily. Their staff is very helpful, friendly, and filled with His spirit.
Nancy Collins
Journey Baptist Church
Church Online has been hosting our church's website for the past three years, and we are very satisfied with the service. Their website designs perfectly suit our church's needs, and the cost is minimal. Maintaining the website through Church Online is simple to understand and execute. Customer support is always helpful and friendly and available to help whenever needed. We highly recommend Church Online for all your website needs.
Amy Armstrong
Maple City Baptist Church
Our church has test driven several different web developing companies. Out of frustration we hired a man to develop and maintain our website. Every time we wanted to make a little change here and there to our website we were charged extra bucks. We did not have this kind of money so we went on another quest to see what was out there. has been exactly what we needed. It has been so smooth and simple to make the weekly changes needed and we have saved buckets of money! We have a saying at MCBC, ‘Simplicity Rocks!’ has been the simplicity that we needed to get the biggest bang for our buck.
Pastor Mike Blake
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