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A great church website:
  • Helps visitors learn about your church with easy to find, comprehensive information.
  • Helps members with features that help them stay in touch, such as calendars, streaming audio, and online giving.
We provide all that and more:
  • Design Choices - Pick your own page layout, style, and color scheme. Change them whenever you want! We have an ever growing list of professional graphics and designs with cutting-edge features.
  • Content Updates - Fast and simple with our easy to use admin web pages.
  • Add User Accounts - Create multiple logins for different editors, each with their own access permisions and areas of responsibility.
  • Technical Support - Help pages, video demos, and a support ticket system are at your disposal. Email and phone support are available should those methods fail to help.
  • Hosting - Included in your service package, 24/7/365 high-bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, daily data backups.
  • Dedicated Sales Staff - Each church is assigned a representative who will help you through the process and monitor your site so you won't be left on your own.
Front Page Sub-modules:
(The images are samples only. Yours will look different depending on the design you choose and the way you configure them. Many are available in more than one size.)

Service Times Example
Service Times - You choose your display options—where (home page, separate page) and how (days/times, descriptions, etc.).
Location Example
Location/Directions - How can people find you? Add a map, street directions from nearby, or both.
Calendar Example
Calendar - Show off your church's full range of activities, including special events and recurring meetings.
Online Giving - Easy and secure web-based service, using PayPal.
Podcast Example
Podcasting - One of the most in-demand features that most other web site products make available only with their most expensive package, a Podcast can allow your visitors to tune in to your message anytime, from anywhere.
Streaming Audio Example
Streaming Audio - Place a link directly on your home page to the most recent sermon!
Survey/Poll - Curious what your members think? Wondering what web-surfers wonder? Ask them, and track the results, changing polls at will. Place the cursor over the graphic at left to see the results.
You Tube Example
YouTube! - One of the hottest trends on the web today. Place anything you find on (or put there yourself) that you want to share with your audience directly on your page.
Book of the Month Example
Book of the Month - Keep your congregation on the same page by promoting a Book of the Month. Clicking the link will allow them to purchase it online.
Weekly Bulletin Example
Weekly Bulletin - Publish your weekly printed bulletin, in case someone missed a service (or colored on their paper bulletin).
Sermon Notes Example
Sermon Notes - If they're listening to the sermon at home they can have those handy Sermon Notes the people in attendance got to use - by downloading them here.
Bible Verses Example
Bible Verses - Have a weekly reading program or some particular verses that support this week's message? List them here and they'll be more likely to read them than if they had to go look them up!
Bible Verses by Date Example
Daily Verse - If you want to schedule verses to display for a given date ahead of time. Dates can be scrolled backward and forward in case they missed a day or want to see what's coming up.
Rotating Images Example
Rotating Images - Use any number of graphics and specify the transition effect, duration, and an optional URL for each image to link to.
Custom Text Example
Text - Need to say something else? Three different sizes of Text modules allow you to format your own special message.
Custom Text Example
HTML (Premium only) - Want something custom? Proficient in HTML? Three different sizes of HTML modules allow you to create your own special message.
Footer Sub-modules:

With most designs, the footer appears at the bottom of every page, and can accommodate up to three footer sub-modules, allowing you to put information there that you want visitors to have instant access to from anywhere in your site.

(The images are samples only. Yours will look different depending on the design you choose and the way you configure them.)

Contact Us Footer Example Contact Us - Puts whatever contact information you want in a place where it is always visible.
Links Footer Example Links - A shortcut to your links page.
Mission Statement Footer Example Mission Statement - Area to put your mission statement.
Service Times Footer Example Service Times - Great place to put your service times so they are easy to find and always visible.
Social Networking Footer Example Social Networking - Easy to put links to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Instagram page.
Full-Page Modules
  • Blogs - All the rage right now—allow members and visitors a chance to read informal thoughts on your chosen subject. Supports multiple blogs, each with multiple authors if desired.
  • Audio Archive / Video Archive - Archive your past sermons or other audio files you own the copyright to for listening or downloading any time and publish them to your podcast.
  • Pastors & Staff - God gave you great leaders—don't keep them a secret! Post pictures, background, and more.
  • News - Whenever something happens that your church would want to know, publish it easily here.
  • Location - Hard to find? Multiple campuses? Display more detailed information about where you are and how people can get there.
  • Ministries - From youth groups to worship teams, each ministry can have its own section within your website.
  • Missionaries - Your church won't forget about your pastors abroad - post pictures, recent news, maps, contact info, etc.
  • Mission Statement - This is where you can go into detail about what you believe, why you do what you do, explain your denominational affiliation, or whatever else you want your visitors to know about your worship experience.
  • About Us - A place for history, current vision, attendance, or any other good background info specific to your individual church. In short—why they would want to visit your church.
  • Links - Want to make additional web resources available? Gather and group them on your Links page.
  • Calendar - Place all your events on one aggregate full-page calendar, publish different events to different calendars, or do both. Great for printing and putting on the refrigerator.
  • Events - Publish calendar events of your choice to an event listing customized to a specific area of your site.
  • Contact Us - Let your people (and visitors) reach you easily—displays the information you choose with a form they can use to send email to selected recipients of your choosing.
  • Mailing Lists - Allow people to sign up for and manage their subscriptions to any of your many possible mailing lists to stay updated and informed.
  • Small Groups - Communicate your church's small group vision, describe existing groups, help someone find a group, etc.
  • HTML - When you need to create something custom that doesn't fit in any other category, create your own custom HTML pages without the need to actually know HTML!
  • Flash! - If you have the ability to create custom Flash animations, you can use them on your front page as a header, a main element, or as a full page.
  • F.A.Q. - Visitors frequently ask the same questions? Answer them once and for all on your Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Document Library - If you've got some official documents you want publicly available (by-laws, creed, board meeting minutes, etc.), you can allow access to them here.
  • Event Registration - Lose the paper sign-up sheets, and embrace technical efficiency—attendance count, deposit collection, etc.
  • Photo Gallery - A picture paints a thousand words… save some typing, and display recent events, etc.
  • Online Store - Got something to sell? Here's where you can, using PayPal secure checkout.
  • Prayer Requests - An easy text-entry window, allowing members and/or visitors a place to share their needs with your church.
  • Church Directory - Create and maintain a secure list of member contact information at each member's discretion, enabling mass emailing, etc.
  • Bulletin Board/Classifieds - Better than the local paper! Make your church aware of Christian businesses within your walls, post items for sale, etc.
  • Online Giving - Create different groups and specific items in each group to which donations can be made.
  • Menu Popup - Link menu items directly to external websites. Handy if you have a youth-run website, an external blog site, or a forum.
  • Custom Forms - Create custom forms with textboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, listboxes, and checkboxes. Link to the form from the menu or other pages.
  • Site Search - Search most modules in the site from either the header or a menu link.
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