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Why We Exist was started in 2002 after realizing that churches were continually having the same meetings regarding how to solve their church website problems.

  • Too costly for custom full-featured site.
  • Additional cost required when new browsers are released or new features wanted.
  • Too hard to update regardless of who created the site.
  • Volunteer-created websites lack features or professional designs.
  • Volunteer-created websites get outdated and can't be managed if the volunteer leaves.

Critical Church Website Elements

A good website should provide:

  • Easy access to information - The most important thing a church website does is provide information about your church. If your focus is on flashy designs, people won't stay around long enough to find what they're looking for. The first priority of any good site is to make things easy to find.
  • Professional Design - If your information is easy to find but the site looks old or ugly, people won't stay. It is very important for a church website to look great, be current, and have styling that reflects your church.
  • Feature rich for Visitors - Having a comprehensive list of features so that visitors can quickly find out about what you believe, where you are located, when you meet and what ministries you have is the best way to get visitors to attend your church for the first time. Being able to read the pastor's blog or listen to a sermon is a fabulous way for people to be sure they really like your church. We know how much time people waste looking for a church. A great church website can dramatically increase the percentage of visitors who actually stay instead of continue to look.
  • Feature rich for Members - Having a comprehensive list of features for members greatly increases the quality of church life. Having easy access to calendars, the ability to listen to sermons and use online giving while sick or on vacation, reading a blog or signing up for events are all ways your members stay in touch and feel connected.

What Sets Us Apart

A superior product at a fair price:

  • Always improving - We are constantly making new modules or improving exising ones. New designs will be available regularly and there is no cost to change your entire site's look and feel.
  • Customer service - We assign a dedicated contact to help you get started and to continue to work with you as long as you have your site. They will regularly monitor your site for quality and offer suggestions, if you'd like, for ways to improve it. We honestly want your website to help your church grow and thrive and we prove it by the attention we give each church.
  • The latest technology - We use Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET, .NET Framework 4.0 and SQL Server 2008, each of which is the most current cutting-edge software to develop our product. We update our entire product every year to ensure that you have the best features available and it works in all current browsers. Unlike custom web shops, you never pay more for upgrades, which can literally save you thousands of dollars.
  • Fair pricing - We charge you for what you need instead of bundling everything and charging a premium for it. We offer a wide range of products that all provide the most important elements of a church website.
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